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Sustainably arranged collective pension

The pension scheme is the most important fringe benefit. And usually the most expensive. It is therefore important to check whether your company has chosen the pension scheme that fits best or if better and cheaper alternatives are available. Simmer will be glad to help you arrange your pension scheme in a sustainable way. We aim at optimal support from your employees, cost control and transparent accountability. It goes without saying that Simmer gives you independent and objective pension advice.

Optimizing the pension scheme

Simmer helps you to value and optimize your pension scheme, find broad support for necessary changes and to calculate costs. And of course to find a good pension administrator. This may be a regular pension insurer, a defined contribution fund (PPI), a general pension fund (APF) or a sectoral pension fund. But we can also perform a comparison between these pension administrators and a sectoral pension fund. Everything is aimed at finding an optimal pension administrator whose strength is clear communication and who wants to benchmark the investment results against the ambitions agreed upon.

After the advice

And when the advice project is completed, Simmer will gladly help you monitor the pension budget and the pension administration and evaluate the initial objectives.



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