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Who is Simmer?

pensionadvice Summer-morningSimmer Advies B.V. was established in 2000 by Anne Mulder. Simmer advises employers and works councils on pension scheme matters, with independent tailored advice. Our core values are sustainability and transparency. Simmer supports the advice process with very specific expertise: actuarial, communicative and with in-depth market knowledge.

Simmer is the Frisian word for summer, the period when the harvest is brought in for the autumn and winter. Simmer is a metaphor for the period when pension provisions are built up for the period when employees cannot work anymore but do need an income.

 Since January 1, 2016, Loes Eenshuistra has been the owner of Simmer Advies B.V.collectief pensioenadvies Loes

“Cooperating with others to find sustainable solutions is what motivates me. For pension schemes this means that they must fit the company and be supported by all parties concerned.” 

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