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Simmer has developed several tools to provide you with insight into various aspects of the pension scheme and their value.

Pension questionnaire

Sometimes, major changes in a pension scheme are necessary. To gain insight into what aspects are important to employees, Simmer can conduct a brief online questionnaire. You can also use this to increase support among employees for the changes in the pension scheme.

An example: one of the questions is whether a compulsory pension scheme is important to employees. At one of our clients, the response was as follows:

pensionadvice 016

Pension course

Simmer has developed a foundation pension course which explains:

  • how retirement income has been organized in the Netherlands,
  • how employer pensions are determined,
  • which types of pension schemes and pension administrators exist, and
  • which legislation is relevant.

To give you a small impression, have a look at a few slides of the course.

You can view the entire pension course if you enter your name and email address.

Simmer can offer an in-company course, which also covers aspects of your own pension scheme.

Forecast model

Simmer has developed a forecast model to give you insight into the cost development of your current pension scheme and possible alternatives. You can use it to calculate different scenarios and draw up a pension budget. It also clarifies which scheme is least sensitive to particular economic developments.

pensionadvice 017

With this forecast model, you also gain insight into the accrued pension amounts and their value to individual employees in the current and alternative pension schemes. This includes the value of the participant contribution. The value of the pension amounts to be accrued decreased by the total future participant contribution is called the employer value (the pension amount contributed by the employer). Economizing the pension scheme by decreasing the participant contribution may ultimately work out favourably for the employee. Such calculations clarify which groups of employees are affected most by the change. If applicable, we can also propose compensation schemes.

pensionadvice 018