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pensionadvice pension-adviceIndependent pension advice

If you opt for Simmer, you opt for independent and objective pension advice. Our core values are sustainability and transparency. We gladly support employers and works councils when establishing or changing their pension scheme. Together with you we work on tailored solutions. We have no financial ties to pension administrators and therefore, we can offer you fully independent advice.

Simmer will gladly help you

Simmer can assist you very well when establishing or changing the pension scheme in your organization. We think it is important to actively involve all parties (employer, employees, pension administrator) in this process. To achieve an optimal pension advice, we help you with all aspects of the process:


•Identify the preferences of the people involved (for example by means of a questionnaire)
•Offer a pension course (to ensure that the people who need to decide, have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch pension market)
•Determine the pension policy (what are the objectives of the pension scheme)
•Determine the pension budget


•Analyze different possible pension schemes in relation to the pension policy
•Compare pension schemes for different employee categories
•Make cost estimates
•Select suitable pension administrators


•Negotiate with the pension administrator
•Ensure good communication with employees


In short: for every pension-related change aspect Simmer provides independent pension advice and excellent support. We come up with solid and creative solutions for a sustainable pension scheme for your organization.

Mergers and acquisitions may also lead to changes to the pension scheme. It is important to establish whether the pension scheme of the organization that is acquired remains effective, or whether it is desirable and possible to let the pension scheme of the acquiring organization become applicable to the employees of the acquired organization. The options depend on the way the merger/acquisition takes place (please refer to Pension in case of merger and acquisition). In addition, it is advisable to ascertain beforehand whether the contract with the pension administrator of the to be acquired organization contains any special termination conditions.


During our advice project we closely cooperate with you. Simmer supports the change process with very specific expertise: actuarial, communicative and with substantial market knowledge.

We give independent pension advice at an hourly rate and have only one interest: helping your business. We do our work for a fee that depends on the number of actually worked hours.

Before we start, you receive a project plan with a budget and we discuss all steps with you. Changing a pension scheme is usually a lengthy matter, sometimes due to laborious implementation by the pension administrator. Therefore, we think solid project management is very important.

Simmer has the required Financial Supervision Act (WFT) licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to give advice on pension products.

Simmer focuses its pension advice services primarily at:


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