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pensionadvice pension-advice3The pension scheme is the most expensive term of employment. So it pays off to ensure that every pension euro is well-spent. The costs are still rising as a result of the decreasing interest rate and increasing life expectancy. Simmer will gladly advise you how to control pension scheme-related costs.

Controlling pension scheme-related costs and risks

In case of pension scheme changes, Simmer provides insight into the development of pension costs, divided into different elements and in different scenarios. This will help you draw up a pension budget and reveal the risks of the current and alternative schemes.

New pension administrator

The number of pension administrator types is increasing. In addition to insurers, corporate and (obligatory) sectoral pension funds, defined contribution funds (PPI’s) were added a couple of years ago. Recently, general pension funds (APF’s) were introduced as well. Each type of pension administrator has its own risk profile and profit sharing system. Simmer supports you in finding the best suitable pension administrator.

Simmer can help you compare quotations, including the identification of “the small print”. We help you negotiate with the pension administrator and ensure that the risks in the contract have been covered.

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